Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The myspace conciousness

self expression for the sake of some kind of emotional catharsis, we get it all get things off our chest and onto myspace in an abstract and concealed metaphorical manner which is only visible to our own eyes... when you know things about yourself and others this is all easily seen through, everyone isnt so different from one another.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Documenting My Life...

I cannot turn back, days without seeing what i had done to further my own progress does me in.
Everything makes more sense, feelings don't hurt as much, things seem simple and objective

But they really are not.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Subconscious

THE subconscious is a very strange thing, and only very recently 2 days i have been giving it some thought...
Firstly nobody really has a good idea or solid concept of the subconscious... so i will give you my idea or it...
It is beneath our own consciousness and is responsible for those impulses we cannot explain such as the need for love or self esteem but also the need to eat have sex and be the alpha male or simply play the role the universe has for you...

Information flows back and forwards between both the conscious and subconscious... the experiences of life and information you retain is stored in the subconscious for the next time that problem arises... This is why most of the time i act before i think

I also believe that the subconsciousness contains the key to our existence... if we can alter the thoughts and vibrations that are broadcast out into the universe from our subconscious we can have anything we want...
its hard to explain but its simply these thoughts are more abstract and powerful than our consciousness because we cannot comprehend them like consciousness

Do you sometimes realise that you make the same mistakes or see similar patterns emerging in your life ? this is a result of a problem within the subconsciousness or conscious that must be delt with if you are too progress spiritually as a human being...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why Evil Never Prevails In Movies....

Everybody loves that happily ever afters where we are left at that epic oh gosh ending feeling warm and fuzzy while thinking of the dreams you may have stemming from this epic happiness that you could only wish to experience

But why don't the bad guys ever win?
They could do it at least 1-2 out of every 5 new movies that come out but they don't its always good guy prevails or darkness is defeated or the hero saves the day again.... fucking over it

A small theory of this goes that, because due to the 'evil' nature (or is it a Hollywood stigma or a charade)? of things arcane/estoric/pagan/occultic. the movie industry doesnt want to subject and show the population evil becasue it is bad for consumption? this is incorrect and shows a huge lack of insight and details even more of the western pidgeonhole modern life has become, as these are all 'magikal' and real magic coming from thousands of years before christ... this has the effect of ruining our spirituality, humanity and intuition The results are showing
-Science has showed us that Humans are starting to go backwards in evolution this was proved by the male chromosome getting smaller... therefore in something like a few million years away the male species of the human race will be extint
-We are also still using 10 percent of our brain if that
-The average intellegence of students has been going down since the 1940s

The fact of this matter is that in a duality such as light and dark good and evil they must both exist for either to be perceiveable... only subjecting people to the 'good' disassociates this spiritual connotations that evil and magik itself contains thus rendering the soul into a shackled existance forever doomed to live on the physical plain

This world is staged, we are all fucking puppets
Behind the throne is something more powerful than the king
before the throne is humanitie kneeling before its false 'god'

you must venture further into the dark if you ever want to see your own light in life...

tyrande whisperwind Pictures, Images and Photos


This is creepy and sonically sensual... i love Gothic romance ha....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Liminal Time...


Sinking down my how itz grown, I'm falling descending Into the shade of the womb
A transition in my life, where time breaks down...
Her sound echoes allround, to sonically paint this portrait true
Until i'm Left in the depths, A maelstrom i can't escape
So i bide my time in what is sublime
Untill the line i rhyme may take her breath away

The EXPERIENCE of a riding inside a hollow barrel or tube is one of those times where time itself does seem to slow down as your whole perception is fulfilled by the beauty,the energy, the life you feel it for a brief time while you are inside this twisting and contorting slab of oceanic machinery and so it is in this moment where you feel connected with everything...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4:44 Am

Well, im sick for starters which puts me on the worst and most irate level in life... I woke up and was trying to get back to sleep for about 2 hours until i realized that i wasn't tired and could possibly do something constructive...

I'm left to think about the repercussions of missing out on the next 3 hours of sleep... will i degenerate even more and become a lifeless lump for a few more days... no fuckin way!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Simpsons Theory

The Simpsons is one of the biggest known television shows worldwide but recently i began to look at it at another prespetive, I am growing older and feel asthough i am becoming disaossiated with the message the simpsons is sending as i had an extreme revelation in my mind about how Through the satire of such worldly topics as
  • spirituality
  • religion
  • political affairs and figures
The Simpsons have effectively perverted the truth of what is really going on in life in these areas, steaming from America as it is a huge country spreading its western influence all around the world. The effect that the Simpsons have had has figuratively desensitizes people from what is really going on
- It is as if in there head they may think oh ive delt with that issue before it was on the simpsons its not real or its fake or they have another preconceived idea created by the simpsons influence on pop culture

Some examples include
  1. Episode on the stonecutters or the freemasons/illumiati
  2. Robert nixon as the outline for mayor quimby
  3. References to G h.w Bush
  4. Nuclear power and its safety, Homer being in charge of safety
  5. Homer's alcoholism and the true realitys of addiction being made fun of
  6. The ridget school system, where stereotypes are perpectuated
  7. The contempt of there Sunday church by the simpson family
There are only vauge ones i can think off the top of my mind, im sure i can come up with way better ones to illustrate my point
So think if almost everyone for a period of time watches this show everyday at 6 o clock or whatever, what effect is this having on us and the rest of society

Did i hear something about brainwashing???

Thoughts Of Death

What do you think it will be like to die?

my opinion is that you do the exact thing as when you fall asleep and into a dreamstate (loose consciousness (derr) just one that you will never leave until it is time for your soul to be reincarnated into physical life
you enter into eternal and cosmic dreamscape which your past lives will have profound effects on, for example if you live a life of love, gratitude, servitude and become spiritually fulfilled you will be vividly aware of all these things in the cosmic dreamscape when your spirit or consciousness returns to where it came on the other hand if you live a life of greed, hate and do not find yourself to be spiritually furfilled your awareness and the ability to function and interact within the cosmic dreamscape will be serverely damaged and reduced

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Detrimental Effects of Social Networking Over The Internet...

I don't want to go into to much detail so
  • Time wasting
  • Distraction what is really important
  • Social Programming
  • Social Distancing
  • Body language and articulation are lost
You can tell and see that somepoeple who are distanced from other people in society and in their quiet desperation go online to be social... often these people spend large amounts and accumulate alot of time without feeling 'satisfied' leading to unhappyness depression and sleep debt...

Maybe one day i might extend into depth.... maybe....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Spongebob doesnt know that this wave could kill him.. He is at home in the ocean...

Monday, June 15, 2009


Left in the torment that be
Anguish is only what she can see in me
She sets sail into a time past
This memory will forever last
A heartfelt blow to my ego
A heartfelt loss forever retold in my burning heart
Its only my fault
Its all my fault
Broken away
I cant live without her another day
What is... is what i shouldn't ever have known
I am left alone...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weird Shit

This is Creepy and dark, i think it is an amazing rendition of the phrase 'Weird shit'

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have come to a stage or maybe another one point in my life, lately; i have begun to see every little motivation, desire and incentive from the perspective of a 3rd party that was aware of all these things, i was also weilding deaper insight to perceive more into the of not just myself but of other people's affairs, functioning and emotions . The more i examined and deconstructed myself to understand this new found perception and insight i started to spiral deeper and deeper into a depressing sense of dread. this feeling would try and take hold by the way nothing would seem real or really worth any value, nothing sent better or worse it all just made sense to myself in the way that all these things i was doing were results my inhibitions and ambitions thus there was to much to comprehend i felt awkward and uneasy at the result of what i would do, no matter what the purpose was, this also reflected severe nervousness in my dealings with society, while creating the illusion of separateness in my mind.
In this illusion or disillusion i started to have different views on what seemed common functions and truths in society that are vital for the control of the masses of people. These All have both Figurative and emotional connotations
Examples Include
  • Money as we know it only has value because everyone agrees on it, yet the few 'elite' control the worlds economy
  • The Purpose of Such Myths as Jesus Christ, The Easter Bunny, Santa clauses, The Tooth Fairy all act as a cognitive and imaginative excersizes for a child to become programmed in what can perceived detrimental ways. The existance of these only narrow themselves to a specific day or period of a year creates the misconception that miracles and the clearly imaginitive are only definded so amazing and sublime that it is deemed realistic for that one day in the childs mind... the realiasation of such truth then limits there brain from such whole hearted and innocent beleive or blind faith in something as such.....
  • -The Corporate 'perverting' of these events and the effect it has on our society of materialism and individualism... what does this do our humanisation of need to feel in harmony and rythm with everything, what does this do to our ego? is this ego our own or is it influenced by society so we can fit in with the social mechanism...
The systems needed for this current society to operate begun to become detached from there emotional connotations and concepts i had presumed to be objective started to appear subjective.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What has been lost?

Vibration is the basis of everything...
you feel it when you look outside, you feel it when you look somebody in the eyes, you notice it when that amazing girl walks by...

This is an Interesting read on Ancient tuning scales


Current notion of human social reality

We have been manipulated and controlled into our current position of existence for example people out there reading this would pay there taxes, have there 9-5 day routinized... working jobs we hate for people who really don't care about us. We are molded into a society that functions like this so it becomes part of the people

The general status quo, i feel is only on a path of destruction... all the creation of wealth is being controlled by an 'elite' few. There are two options we can take... to become slaves or to fight back and take what is ours back.