Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time Is Relative

Timeisrelative by Zepher1

Natal Chart


In Retrospect

Fark ive posted some bullshit on here.... half is partially incorrect, i guess we are always learning always developing our own views of the world

we cannot access the subconscious, it is the development of cognitive patterns created through repetition and familar circumstances in everyday life

hollywood does not allow evil to prevail in movies because that would shift a significant amount into a more holistic thinking pattern where the good and the bad are only reflections of each other each wielding different consequences that can be justified either way (i will explain that better one day *paradox of choice)


Hhmm name change and first post in ages

fark facebook.... i havent poasted about it yet... as i stoped posting here before i got it so it is the proper pits you dont even get your own page, just the same as everyone else some shitty white and blue page with other peoples shit all over it wtf farrrk what is it im over it

virtual shopfront so people can make a decision on your personality based on your details farrk that shit... go meet somebody in real life...