Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Documenting My Life...

I cannot turn back, days without seeing what i had done to further my own progress does me in.
Everything makes more sense, feelings don't hurt as much, things seem simple and objective

But they really are not.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Subconscious

THE subconscious is a very strange thing, and only very recently 2 days i have been giving it some thought...
Firstly nobody really has a good idea or solid concept of the subconscious... so i will give you my idea or it...
It is beneath our own consciousness and is responsible for those impulses we cannot explain such as the need for love or self esteem but also the need to eat have sex and be the alpha male or simply play the role the universe has for you...

Information flows back and forwards between both the conscious and subconscious... the experiences of life and information you retain is stored in the subconscious for the next time that problem arises... This is why most of the time i act before i think

I also believe that the subconsciousness contains the key to our existence... if we can alter the thoughts and vibrations that are broadcast out into the universe from our subconscious we can have anything we want...
its hard to explain but its simply these thoughts are more abstract and powerful than our consciousness because we cannot comprehend them like consciousness

Do you sometimes realise that you make the same mistakes or see similar patterns emerging in your life ? this is a result of a problem within the subconsciousness or conscious that must be delt with if you are too progress spiritually as a human being...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why Evil Never Prevails In Movies....

Everybody loves that happily ever afters where we are left at that epic oh gosh ending feeling warm and fuzzy while thinking of the dreams you may have stemming from this epic happiness that you could only wish to experience

But why don't the bad guys ever win?
They could do it at least 1-2 out of every 5 new movies that come out but they don't its always good guy prevails or darkness is defeated or the hero saves the day again.... fucking over it

A small theory of this goes that, because due to the 'evil' nature (or is it a Hollywood stigma or a charade)? of things arcane/estoric/pagan/occultic. the movie industry doesnt want to subject and show the population evil becasue it is bad for consumption? this is incorrect and shows a huge lack of insight and details even more of the western pidgeonhole modern life has become, as these are all 'magikal' and real magic coming from thousands of years before christ... this has the effect of ruining our spirituality, humanity and intuition The results are showing
-Science has showed us that Humans are starting to go backwards in evolution this was proved by the male chromosome getting smaller... therefore in something like a few million years away the male species of the human race will be extint
-We are also still using 10 percent of our brain if that
-The average intellegence of students has been going down since the 1940s

The fact of this matter is that in a duality such as light and dark good and evil they must both exist for either to be perceiveable... only subjecting people to the 'good' disassociates this spiritual connotations that evil and magik itself contains thus rendering the soul into a shackled existance forever doomed to live on the physical plain

This world is staged, we are all fucking puppets
Behind the throne is something more powerful than the king
before the throne is humanitie kneeling before its false 'god'

you must venture further into the dark if you ever want to see your own light in life...

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