Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Simpsons Theory

The Simpsons is one of the biggest known television shows worldwide but recently i began to look at it at another prespetive, I am growing older and feel asthough i am becoming disaossiated with the message the simpsons is sending as i had an extreme revelation in my mind about how Through the satire of such worldly topics as
  • spirituality
  • religion
  • political affairs and figures
The Simpsons have effectively perverted the truth of what is really going on in life in these areas, steaming from America as it is a huge country spreading its western influence all around the world. The effect that the Simpsons have had has figuratively desensitizes people from what is really going on
- It is as if in there head they may think oh ive delt with that issue before it was on the simpsons its not real or its fake or they have another preconceived idea created by the simpsons influence on pop culture

Some examples include
  1. Episode on the stonecutters or the freemasons/illumiati
  2. Robert nixon as the outline for mayor quimby
  3. References to G h.w Bush
  4. Nuclear power and its safety, Homer being in charge of safety
  5. Homer's alcoholism and the true realitys of addiction being made fun of
  6. The ridget school system, where stereotypes are perpectuated
  7. The contempt of there Sunday church by the simpson family
There are only vauge ones i can think off the top of my mind, im sure i can come up with way better ones to illustrate my point
So think if almost everyone for a period of time watches this show everyday at 6 o clock or whatever, what effect is this having on us and the rest of society

Did i hear something about brainwashing???

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